AutoMD iOS App

While I worked at AutoMD, I designed a mobile app that was developed by an application development agency. I delivered their team a deck including user flows and designs for each screen. Use AutoMD to find and compare local car repair shops near you.

User Flows

There are variety of flows that a user can take within our app and breaking down each one was crucial for helping a 3rd party app development team build it. The flows involved included:

  • Getting what we call an Insta-Quote!TM, which generates quotes from all shops in the area for the repair service requested.
  • Finding a shop without getting a quote. This generates a simple listing of shops nearby.
  • Returning to write a review of a shop you've already been to.
  • Getting what we internally called an Exclusive Insta-Quote!TM, which is done by finding a shop first, then requesting a quote from just that shop.

Below you'll see the user flow for getting an AutoMD Insta-Quote!TM

Seeing each flow clearly laid out in front of our team allowed us to find any holes in our process and address them accordingly. We even printed out each flow and put it on a wall to have an open discussion about it.

Some Final Screen Designs

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